Pürif Brand

Natura Green proudly endorses Pürif Hand Sanitizers, our new partner brand!

Pürif offers a superior quality gel-based moisturizing formula contains food grade alcohol with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Hydrolyzed Jojoba Ester to leave hands smooth, silky and naturally fragranced. Gentle and effective, Purif is suitable for all skin types and ages. Pharmaceutical grade glycerin emollients keep skin moist and soft, offering both disinfection and skincare capabilities. Non-sticky formula leaves a smooth thin protective film feeling on the skin, prevents skin from cracking.

72% Alcohol Content

Pürif's innovative formula uses 72% natural food-grade alcohol, which is less irritating on the skin than normal alcohol. This comforting formula will keep your hands clean while also leaving them moist and soft!

Dispensing System

Ecological, economical & hygienic Our 320 mL (10.8 fl. oz.) system dispenses 0.8 mL per press, allowing you to efficiently manage your consumption.

Ensure your safety by preventing contamination risk when bulk liquids are poured into traditional dispenser bottles in an unsterile environment. Our system uses sealed refill cartridges batch coded for traceability with a locking, tamper evident cap. Compared to refillable pump bottles, replaceable cartridges are easier for housekeeping to efficiently manage.

Durable, easy to clean with no mechanical pumps or small moving parts to break. No need to spend valuable time cleaning small pumps or disinfecting the crevices between refillable bottles and bulky brackets. Simple two-piece “butterfly style” mount design offers easy push dispensing.

Simple, low cost installation leaves your walls intact, unlike expensive metal brackets which are labor intensive to install and can cause damage when drilled into walls. Mounts to virtually any surface with commercial grade adhesive tape.

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